Out-sourced CFO services

Many businesses find themselves today operating in environments characterized by frequently changing laws constantly changing market dynamics. In such environment, obtaining reliable and proactive information is a priority for decision making. And planning is an imperative.

Outsourced CFO services are particularly relevant when:

Challenge Benefit
Not having access to a CFO’s level of financial expertise in the management team is holding the company back. Work on the business rather than in the business: Bring in an objective outsider who can offer a fresh perspective on business and financial challenges and opportunities.
Have a financial team that is operational, but not strategic, and need high-level strategic planning insight and direction. Or existing financial staff and key managers suffer from “tunnel vision” Integrated approach based upon your vision for the company:  For intensive interaction, obtaining sound and hands-on financial management advise in decision making.
Unable to hire a full-time CFO or can’t afford one. Flexible and cost effective: Advance expertise while limiting the cost and commitment of additional senior staff.
Lack financial management expert in the management team Assistance during challenging times: Get vital assistance during business changes, develop strategic options, perform crisis management, negotiate with lenders and lead turnarounds.

Based on the roles to be performed, we can provide following services:


Part time CFO

Our Part Time CFOs service provides businesses with a tremendous amount of flexibility compared to the time and expense required to hire a full-time CFO. Areas of responsibility comprise of:

  •  Accounting System Design
  •  Budgets & Financial Plans
  • Corporate Governance & Compliance
  • MIS for Investors & Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Audit Preparation & Annual Audit
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Strategy
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Policies, Procedures & Internal Control

Interim CFO

In this scenario, the interim chief financial officer may be hired to replace a departing CFO until a permanent CFO is hired. The interim CFO becomes a member of the management team and provides high-level financial expertise and guidance by taking up the responsibilities of the departing CFO.


Project based CFO

This is relevant when support is required on a pre-defined financial, short term assignment. These may include:

  • Preparation for or integration of a completed merger or acquisition.
  • Specific financial project that requires focused engagement, but for which existing staff doesn’t have time or resources to devote to it.
  • Upgrading or improvement of existing procedures and/or systems.
  • Professionalizing and updating of planning, accounting and administrative systems and procedures to avoid unpleasant “surprises.”
  • Assistance in ensuring that policies and internal controls currently in place are in compliance with laws.

Startup support services

Start-up entrepreneurs work incessantly and soon discover that no matter how hard they work, there is never enough time to do everything that has to get done. At ABC we understand this and also the fact that every business has different requirements; and so we offer a broad range of customized services.

We review your business objectives and provide solutions optimally suited to your start-up; at the same time maintaining high level of security and confidentiality in information and operations. Our delivery models are extremely flexible and are designed to suit our client’s specific requirements. We are committed to help our startup clients by quality management of their non-core functions on a consistent basis.


Incorporation & business registrations

  • Guide in selection of appropriate business entity
  • Help register the entity
  • Obtain required statutory licenses and registrations
  • Trademark your business logo and brands.


  • Accounting as per relevant statutes, including management of receivables, payables, invoicing and employee reimbursements.
  • Implementation & monitoring of budgets.
  • MIS and other reporting.

Payroll management

  • Designing & structuring employee compensation programs including ESOP.
  • Monthly payroll processing including statutory deductions, TDS on salaries & managing PF, ESIC

Tax, Legal and Statutory Compliance

  • Company Secretarial compliance.
  • Assistance in legal compliances under various direct & indirect taxes.
  • Drafting and vetting legal agreements

Consulting services

With deep experience in startups, our professionals provide a range of process structuring, business valuation, due diligence and pre-funding support and services for startups looking for a leap to the next orbit.

  • Designing and implementing processes aligned with business objectives,
  • Pre-funding / due diligence support,
  • Preparation of project / feasibility reports / business plans,
  • Valuation, financial forecasts, analysis & investor presentations.