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About Us

ADVANTAGE Business Consulting (ABC) is a financial and business consulting firm specializing in a broad array of services with particular focus on start-ups and emerging businesses.

We can:
– Help set up your venture;
– Support the entire back end of your business;
– Handle key management functions of finance, taxation, and compliance.

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Our Services

Out-sourced CFO services

Many businesses find themselves today operating in environments characterized by frequently changing laws constantly changing market dynamics.In such environment, obtaining reliable and proactive information is a priority for decision making. And planning is an imperative.


Startup support services

Start-up entrepreneurs work incessantly and soon discover that no matter how hard they work, there is never enough time to do everything that has to get done. At ABC we understand this and also the fact that every business has different requirements; and so we offer a broad range of customized services.


Consulting services

With deep experience in startups, our professionals provide a range of process structuring, business valuation, due diligence and pre-funding support and services for startups looking for a leap to the next orbit.



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